Scale Back to Scale Up

Regina Anaejionu

Craft + Commerce 2020

When you grow a business on a shaky foundation, the more you grow the worse the problems get. Regina Anaejionu, from, had to learn the challenges of scaling the hard way.

In the process, she had to confront her least favorite qualities about herself — judgment, competition, fear, and jealousy were fueling her work. In this talk, she shares her lessons learned to help you build your business on a sound foundation from day one.

Regina Anaejionu

Regina here. An author, registered yoga teacher, and introvert with a history of establishing multiple businesses (from cupcakes to graphic design), writing hundreds of articles (,, and more), writing multiple books, and creating business content and programs that are actually fun and useful. I’m obsessed with helping humans create profitable online brands, and I’m a big fan of vegan tacos and spy movies.

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