Why Excuses Are the #1 Thing Keeping You From Your Goals

Nicole Walters

Craft + Commerce 2020

Nicole Walters had it all.

A six-figure salary managing business relationships for a Fortune 500 company and first-class flights every week. Then her husband got deathly ill and she had a wake-up call.

She was chasing something that didn’t matter while doing what she was passionate about on nights and weekends through her beauty blog. Then she stopped making excuses and stepped into her power.

Making a full-time living means you’ve already had breakthroughs in your life and business. But the biggest breakthroughs are yet to come.

Here’s how to make them happen for yourself, even when you’ve already “made it.”

Nicole Walters


By age 28, Nicole Walters was a highly-paid executive at a Fortune 500 company, managing multibillion dollar accounts. But something wasn’t right. “My job was feeding my family, but not my soul,” she says. So in YRTK, Nicole quit her corporate job to focus open her own private business and product development consulting firm, The Monetized Life. As her audience ramped up, so did her revenue—she made $11,000 in the first three weeks of working with small business clients full time. Now, when she’s not hanging out with her husband and their three foster kids, she shares her secrets to earning “passive income” with other entrepreneurs through her wildly popular online course, 1K1Day. “I teach people how to add commas to their bank accounts,” says Nicole. “They learn that they don’t have to trade time for money.”

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