Love & Generosity: Blogging as a Force for Good

Melyssa Griffin

Craft + Commerce 2020

Melyssa earned the right to teach others how to start online businesses by running a web design consultancy for years.

As she’s grown, her goals have gotten bigger and bigger, and they’re not just about more money.

Melyssa is using her blog to find more love and community in her own life while spreading that love to others by using her influence to raise money for worthy causes. Here she shares how you can do the same.

Melyssa Griffin

Within just three years of launching her hobby blog, Melyssa Griffin was earning $1 million per year through that blog and e-courses. Now, Melyssa has parlayed that success to help over 100,000 creative hustlers make their own passions profitable. Currently, she specializes in topics like list-building, online course creation, webinars, and Pinterest marketing.

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