Inspiration is Bulls***

Mary Shenouda

Craft + Commerce 2020

What is inspiration with no real action?

Sometimes we get so inspired and motivated that we aren’t sure where to begin. So we don’t at all.

Mary Shenouda dives into the importance of taking action and not letting inspiration keep you from taking the next big step in your life and business.

Mary Shenouda

Mary Shenouda is a highly sought-after private chef to actors, professional athletes, and high-octane entrepreneurs. Mary came on the scene in 2013 under the nom de cuisine, The PaleoChef, after leaving a successful career in the start-up world to pursue her passion for the transformative power of clean-eating—a passion sparked by her own transformational experience. A long-time sufferer of undiagnosed food allergies, Mary took her health into her own hands and discovered after much experimentation that a Paleo-centric diet was the key to solving nearly all of her issues.

Her focus on eating clean has found a worldwide audience in those few short years and led to the creation of a fine-dining menu consultancy and a performance food line called Phat Fudge that sells out as fast as she can make it. Her work has been featured in places such as Food & Wine, .Mic, Glamour, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Women’s Health.

Her motto is simple: Eat Clean. Play Often. Crush Life.

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