How to Make Videos People Actually Want to Watch

Levi Allen

Craft + Commerce 2020

How does one become an “adventure film director”? Well, for starters, you call yourself an adventure film director.

But making that leap in identity — from normal human to [insert the scariest, most heartfelt piece of your identity here] – might be one of the greatest challenges each one of us faces in reaching our potential as business owners.

Sure, you’re making a full-time living from your thing… but are you becoming who you imagine yourself to be in the process? Levi helps push you over the edge through this talk on adventures in filmmaking and profit.

Levi Allen

Based in British Columbia, Levi Allen teaches adventure filmmakers how to tell better stories with his company Leftcoast MediaHouse. In teaching as well as his own work, Levi focuses on creating and telling stories that connect deeply with what makes us human, showcasing progression, passion, and the grit it takes to bring the impossible to reality.

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