The Power of Being in a Niche

Cassidy Tuttle

Craft + Commerce 2020

Niche sites are a pipe dream… right?

Enter Cassidy Tuttle, who’s built a six figure business based on… wait for it… succulents! Yep, those little plants that grow in your window at home. More than $100,000 a year.

Listen to Cassidy’s story and make your list of six figure niche site ideas. Who knows, one of them might just become your next six figure business.

Cassidy Tuttle

Cassidy is a professional photographer turned succulent addict. She has been blogging at Succulents and Sunshine for 4 years. Her blog allowed her to stay at home with her two children and support her family while her husband was in graduate school. Cassidy is also the author of Idiot’s Guides: Succulents and several ebooks. She is convinced anyone can grow succulents no matter where they live.

On her website she teaches how to properly care for succulents and how to make beautiful arrangements and fun projects with them. Cassidy has love of photography and business, both of which she has used to help her blog grow into a flourishing business.

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