We Can’t All Be Brain Surgeons

Bob Clagett

Craft + Commerce 2020

Some of us dive deep, learn everything we can on a subject and become experts. Some of us learn as many different things as possible and have a wide range of skills.

Both are good, and both have their faults.

It’s important to understand how you learn, so you can use your strengths to your advantage and get help in the places where you’re not strong. In his talk at Craft + Commerce 2018, Bob Clagett shares the importance of having a versatile skill-set.

Bob Clagett


It doesn’t matter what the material is, or what it’s for… Bob Clagett loves making stuff.

He loves showing other people how he works, to hopefully inspire them, and empower them to make whatever it is that they’re passionate about. In 2017, he released his first book, Making Time, which walks through his path to becoming a full time content creator, and some of the things he learned in his first two years.

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